My First Day with Earthwatch

Thursday, July 24, 2008
Hi Again Friends!
Well, today, I met up with my Earthwatch Expedition Team in Monterey. We loaded into the Earthwatch van and headed north on Route 1 to the house we now share on Pajaro Dunes Beach. The house is a solar powered green home made from renewable materials. Daniela Maldini gave us a slide show about the California otter and then we took a tour of the beach and learned a bit about the formation of Monterey Bay, which is really two basins (north and south) separated by a canyon that runs as deep as the Grand Canyon in Arizona!

I am so happy that my WPPK friends are writing me to say hello and to ask questions! Thank you Emily, Blake, Christopher, and Janet! I cannot tell you how much fun it is to hear from you! Thank you, too, to Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Schutte for checking in and saying hi! Emily, I posted a few pictures of sea lions yesterday in this blog's Moss Landing and Marine Mammal photograph categories. I also added pictures of a sardine fishing boat docked in Moss Landing Harbor. I will be posting otter news almost every day now that I am a full-time Earthwatch Field Researcher!

I am so grateful to Earthwatch Institute, and to their generous sponsors, John P. and Jane K. Wilson, for making this exciting adventure a reality for me, and for all of you!

If you're interested in visiting Moss Landing and the marine mammals that call it home, I recommend that you stay at the Captain's Inn, located right on Elkhorn Slough. Their website is Melanie is the Innkeeper and also the Head of the local Chamber.

Until tomorrow,
Miss Clark

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Hi Miss Clark!! Mommy and I just looked at all the wonderful things you have been doing this summer!! We have been in California too for a month! I go to the beach almost every day and I love going surfing, playing in the sand and catching sand crabs. My sister wants to say hi too. She loves dolphins and sea otters!!! I am looking forward to you being my teacher this year! Love, Billy

Comments by Billy Smith on Monday, August 4, 2008 at 1:38:46 PM

You all look chilly on the beach! What is the temperature there? The picture of the house looks interesting. Are there 6 people on this team? I loved watching the video of the kelp. I check on you every other day! Have fun! Now we don't have to wait to see the pictures! Cris

Comments by Cris Watson on Monday, July 28, 2008 at 11:04:07 PM

Hi there Day and Lilliian! I think that going to Aspen will be the perfect summer holiday! It's so beautiful there. The poplar trees looks so pretty when the wind blows, and the skies are so blue. We do have names for three of the male otters that live in Elkhorn Slough. They are Machias, Dublin, and Seymour. The eggs in the nest are Robin's eggs from this past spring. I'll be coming home on August 18th after I pick my son, Dylan, up at camp. Love, Miss Clark

Comments by Miss Clark on Saturday, July 26, 2008 at 12:37:19 AM

Dear Miss Clark: We love you! We are going to Aspen. It is going to be lots and lots of fun. We are going to go hiking, ride a chair lift, go swimming, go to the springs, go to the top of the mountain and listen to music, ride horses and spend time with our family and that is all. Did you name the dolphins, sea otters and sea lions? What kind of eggs are in the nest? Can you send a message back and tell me what their names are? When are you coming home? Love, Day and Lillian

Comments by Day and Lillian Nettle on Thursday, July 24, 2008 at 9:43:57 PM



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